Gallardo Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam

In 1963 and Italian tractor manufacturer Ferrucio Lamborghini paid a visit to Maranello to complain about the clutch in his Ferrari 250. Met with an insulting response from 'il Commentadore', he returned to his tractor factory and removed the transmission, only to discover it was exactly the same as those used in his own tractors. He vowed to build a car that would surpass Ferrari; the ultimate grand tourer and not long later, the Lamborghini 350GT was born. 

In the years since, that free spirit and willingness to fly in the face of the establishment has produced some of the most iconic and groundbreaking cars of all time. The Miura, first Mid-Engined supercar. The Countach, which still sets the benchmark for supercar styling to this day. That ethos is clearly reflected in the styling and performance of the Lamborghini Gallardo.

We have seized upon that spirit to 'do something new' and created a complete Carbon Fiber Styling Package which gives the Gallardo a meaner more aggressive look by accentuating it's existing styling cues. Manufactured using the highest quality Carbon Fiber, the pieces fit easily to the bodywork with no modification required and create a look that will keep you coming back to sneak another peek at you car when nobody's watching. 

Part of our Carbon Fiber aero package, the aero package, Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam both form and function. Working to accentuate the car's existing styling cues, it gives the front of the car a wider profile and draws it closer to the ground. With this splitter the Gallardo cuts a mean figure in the rearview mirror, but it doesn't just look the business, it's there for a reason. Airflow is 'split' cleanly into two streams passing above and below the car. Above the splitter, airflow gets compressed, producing an an area of high pressure air. Below the splitter air accelerates to produce an area of low pressure. This pressure difference increases downforce at the front of the car, making it much more stable at speed. 

Fits neatly to existing mounting points and and is available in Carbon Fiber or Paint to match Fiberglass.
Made in USA 

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