PHILIPS 6000K Ultinon D2S Xenon Bulbs

This is the best Xenon Bulb on the market. Providing the best lumen and color combination. Dont be fooled by the higher Kelvin rating Xenon Bulbs. They are very weak when comes to light output. This Xenon bulb is for Projector Headlights. This is for a pair of Philips Ultinon 6000K D2S Xenon Bulb made in Germany with 1 year limited warranty.

The Ultinon family of automotive discharge lamps was introduced by Philips to meet the significant aftermarket demand for head lighting units having a 6000K color temperature, higher than the standard 4100K type.

The 4100K lamps can produce headlight beams of distinctly different colors depending on the design of the optical system into which they are incorporated. Many HID headlights now employ projection lens systems which capture all light from the lamp, thoroughly homogenize it, and then project a uniform color beam out through a mask and lens. Color variation from one projection system to another is minimal, the only difference sometimes occurring around the edge of the beam where chromatic aberrations from imperfect lenses may give the beam a purple colored lining.

However with 4100K lamps in reflector style headlights, the beam will often be found to have a yellow or green color in the upper areas. The light here originates from the lower portion of the reflector. Light hitting that part of the reflector must pass through the lower half of the arc tube in which the pool of yellow-colored molten metal halide salts resides, and much of the blue light is therefore filtered out in this area.

This greenish-yellow tinge is considered to be most unsightly in the aftermarket, a bluer light being strongly preferred. To satisfy this market Philips introduced this higher color temperature 6000K lamp whose dose contains indium iodide to create extra blue light.

This is for a pair of 100% genuine Philips Ultinon Xenon Burners.


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