Lumenux 194/168/T10 5W Stealth Chrome Wedge Bulbs

Lifetime Warranty!!! 

Stealth Turn Signal Corner Bulbs.

When installed in your clear lenses the bulbs are nearly invisible but when illuminated provide a street legal, orange color that is sure to get noticed. Raybrig Stealth new mirror orange bulbs will amaze your friends!

This is for a pair of Lumenux™ T10 Steath Wedge Bulbs.

- Bulb Type: T10 / 194 / 168
- Wattage: 12V 5W
- Hide those ugly orange bulbs in your clear lense
- 100% Street Legal
- DOT and SAE Approves
- Perfect for your clear corner lense
- Unlike LED bulbs which uses lower wattage and may cause faulty signal.


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