Lumenux™ 8000K Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Introducing our exclusive line of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon Bulbs. Identical bulbs on the internet sell for over $200 USD!

The LumenuxTM bulbs not only provide an exotic and extreme look to your vehicle, but are designed for maximum bright intensity in viewing more of the road at night time safety driving conditions. Exclusive wholesale price here only.

The LumenuxTM Xenon bulb are precisely machine based to maintain the exact focus point and consistency. The precision guarantees the beam pattern will be the same as your OEM, and of course with dramatic increase in intensity thanks to the Xenon technology. The burner are manufactured in Japan in Class 100,000 clean room to ensure the purity of the Xenon gas enclosed in the capsule and consistency of the color temperature from batch to batch. Dont settle with cheap grade B and C bulbs being sold by other sellers.

Kit Specification:
- 2 x LumenuxTM 8000K Xenon Bulbs
- E-marked, CE Approved, and Street Legal
Bulb Specification:
- Color temperature: 8000K
- Color Emits: Sparkling Blue
- Power consumption: 35watts
- Voltage: 85V +/- 17V
- Luminous flux: 2800
- Service Life: up to 3000hrs
- Input Voltage: 9V-16V
- Working current (Steady state): 3.5 A

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