larte-design Lexus LX 570 Alligator Tuning Package for Lexus LX

Lexus LX Alligator body kit

If you consider yourself as a person with aristocratic level of taste, this tuning kit was created specially for you. Combined elements of wild nature. Ferocious look of this iron beast hypnotizes and attracts you to choose it.

So, what are these amazing new features?

Tuning Lexus LX includes new front and rear bumpers with the studio logo on it, new optics – the LED daytime running lights made by Nolden, the modified radiator grille, Remus exhaust system with the tailpipes covered in chrome (At the buyer’s discretion, we could offer to include the electronic control valve in it).

Our specialists has carefully worked out on every component of this exclusive body kit to make it the best looking. It was all made at Larte production.

The body kit may be different from the shots presented in the gallery. To know more consult our sales advisor.