Alcon UK RC6 6 POT Forged Brake Kit

All new Alcon RC6 6 POT calipers from UK are now available.

Compared to the better known CAR98 and CAR97 calipers, the size of the new caliper will increase over the previous product as well as its brake pads for higher performance. The RC6 caliper will now not only performs better but also looks better behind the wheels of larger SUV such as the Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Porsche Cayenne etc.

  • Full kit includes Alcon RC6 Calipers, Alcon floating brake discs, Alcon adapters, Alcon brake hose, Alcon brake pads
  • Workmanship is more detailed
  • Forged Aluminum material makes it stronger, stiffer and more solid
  • Up to 400mm brake disc providing a larger surface area
  • Comes with 380mm or 400mm brake disc
  • Alcon new flagship product identity
  • Colour options are ash grey, flame red and sky black